By means of its principal, Duncan Barnes, and his colleagues, Barnes Insight provides a diverse range of professional and technical services including:

  • Forensic accounting, investigation services and litigation support here
  • Commercial mediation and dispute resolution here
  • Professional and technical training here
  • Guiding historic tours here
  • Linking all of these are the values and operational standards by which Barnes Insight devises and delivers its services:

  • Meeting the highest professional, ethical and regulatory standards
  • Observing and applying the principles of integrity, independence and impartiality
  • Responding promptly to calls, email and correspondence
  • Providing high quality reports, educational materials, and presentations
  • Working closely with you to deliver the best possible service that meets the needs of end-users
  • Forensic Accounting and Dispute Resolution

    Barnes Insight works closely with the Haines Watts group to provide forensic accounting, investigation and litigation support services in England and Wales, and the Channel Islands. We specialise in the provision of expert evidence or advice in the following aspects of dispute resolution.

    Duncan Barnes has been an experienced accredited commercial mediator since 1996. He participated in the early court-annexed mediation schemes in London and Exeter and is a member of the Civil Mediation Council. He can be instructed directly or via the Academy of Experts.

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    Professional Training

    Barnes Insight provides professional and technical training in association with MBL Seminars Limited, the Academy of Experts, local Law Societies and other professional groups.

    Services include:

    Seminars, Tutored Training, Conferences and Similar Events.

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    Historic Tours

    The principal of Barnes Insight, Duncan Barnes, is an accredited battlefield tour guide and holds badge 43 of the International Guild of Battlefield Guides.

    Duncan completed an MA in Modern History in 2000 under the supervision of Professor Gary Sheffield, then at RMA Sandhurst. His dissertation evaluated the demographic, social and economic impact of the Great War on West Flanders. His research included the collation of written and oral histories of the inhabitants of Ypres and Poperinge during the Great War and the examination of archival records in Belgium.

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