Forensic Accounting and Dispute Resolution

Barnes Insight works closely with the Haines Watts group to provide forensic accounting, investigation and litigation support services in England and Wales, and the Channel  Islands. We specialise in the provision of expert evidence or advice in the following aspects of dispute resolution:

  • Financial remedies and orders on the breakdown of marriage or civil partnerships (whether litigated or collaborative), including business valuation, liquidity and maintainable earnings assessments, the tax implications and tax planning, and corporate restructuring.
  • The evaluation of earnings loss in personal injury, clinical negligence and dependency claims, and the preparation of ‘form of award’ reports.
  • Commercial disputes, including claims arising from agriculture and aquaculture.

Duncan Barnes has been an experienced accredited commercial mediator since 1996. He participated in the early court-annexed mediation schemes in London and Exeter and is a member of the Civil Mediation Council. He can be instructed directly or via the Academy of Experts.

Duncan Barnes CV


Duncan Barnes and his team were very responsive to my request, dealing with matters in an empathic and professional manner but not afraid also to air an opinion when necessary.  Phone calls were always returned which helps when you are under pressure running your own business and dealing with personal issues at the same time. Paul Sturgess


Duncan has a quiet and calm authority in meetings and a creativity that enables company-owning couples to better grasp their options, comprehend the ups and downs of their various choices and steer more calmly and with greater understanding toward better outcomes. A useful piece of kit! James Pirie, Family Law in Partnership


My thanks to you and your team for the expertise and assistance provided throughout this case.  Your thorough attention to detail, observation of timescales and willingness to accommodate unexpected adjustments to them, coupled with your experience and expertise has helped to ensure our Client received a proper settlement. Sean Hudson, Lawson & Thompson